2nd International Conference for Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehab Spanning the Globe

The inaugural International Conference for Vestibular Rehabilitation brought together 540 attendees, speakers and exhibitors in Chicago August 17-19, 2018. During the 2 ½ day conference 27 speakers from around the globe each gave 30-minute presentations on a wide range of vestibular topics. One attendee was heard saying, “I am on information overload but I just can’t miss the next three speakers!” During breaks and the evening receptions attendees visited with 15 exhibitors to learn about and try out some of the newest physical therapy technology. The learning didn’t stop when the speakers ended each day. Sixty posters were also presented during the evening receptions starting up even more great conversations.

For the 2021 conference a new line up of speakers has been invited to broaden our perspective and knowledge in vestibular rehab.

Mark your calendar now and watch for emails from the ANPT Vestibular Rehabilitation SIG and ANPT for updates. 

To be placed on the Sponsor/Exhibitor communication list email amiller@neuropt.org.

Sponsored by: The Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy

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